The Top Attractions and Best Restaurants in Prague

Prague is a city of old and new, combining its well-preserved gothic architecture like the St. Vitus Cathedral with modern new buildings such as the Fred and Ginger building. As a foodie, I can’t say that my palate was satisfied. However, I can see how so many fall in love with a culturally stimulating city that ranks so high in livability. From the beautiful pathways along the Vltava River to the abundance of well-manicured green spaces, Prague is the perfect place to sip on some Czech beer and unwind.
Where to Stay in Prague
Prague or Praha is a very walkable city. I would recommend staying in Prague 1 to be close to all of the attractions. On this trip, I stayed in Prague 2 near the Riger Gardens, which was only a 15-20 min walk away from the main town. The Riger Gardens offers a beautiful view of the city and a great place to enjoy the sunset after a long day of exploring.
How to Get Around in Prague
Uber is operational and has lots of availability in Prague, Czech Republic. So we often made use of it because it eliminated any language barriers that we had with the regular taxi drivers. The rates were also very reasonable.
Top Attractions to See in Prague
The Prague Astronomical Clock is located in the Old Town Square. It is a Medieval timepiece on the facade of city hall displaying the twelve apostles as the clock strikes. Crowds gather in front of the clock on the hour to get a glimpse of the twelve apostles.
The Old Town Square is the oldest square in the old town of Prague and is full of 10th-century buildings of gothic style. Many popular high-end shops are nearby, and a great spot to pick up some street food in the Stare Mesto area.
The Charles Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River. There is a pathway to walk along the river to get from one side of the city to another. There is the Old Town Bridge Tower on one side which is a gothic monument.
The Dancing House nicknamed Fred and Ginger was designed by the Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić in cooperation with Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot. 1
Prague Castle is a UNESCO monument. It was founded around 880 and consists of multiple buildings and palaces. I found that the gothic architecture of the exterior of the buildings to be more impressive than the inside of any of the buildings. The St. Vitus Cathedral is also located here and the most star of the buildings on-site.
Best Restaurants in Prague
Prague was my first experience with Eastern European cuisine. I was very excited to eat like a local and sample as many dishes as possible. I wasn’t blown away by many of my meals in the Czech Republic.
There is a lot of street food in Prague. I saw sausage vendors, waffles, ice cream, and more. I tried one of the sausage vendors near the astronomical clock, and it was terrific. But, I still prefer street meat in cities like New York that have a more smokey flavor.
I love gelato and when I found Angelato, I was thrilled to try it. And again, and again each day. The lemon sorbet was perfectly tangy and the coffee flavor was so creamy. This gelato can stand up to any of the gelatos I’ve had in Italy.
When I saw Eska‘s menu online, I knew I had to try it. Eska is on the Michelin Guide and is off the beaten path in a business warehouse space. The spot had fashion-forward diners and a great open-air Scandinavian design. The restaurant has a take out bakery section and take-home foods. They pride themselves in a farm to table style with the freshest ingredients. The breakfast dishes were light and airy which was welcome after all of the meat we were ingesting. For me, the potatoes in ash were so unique in flavor. Notes of smoked fish, dried egg yolk, and kefir are beaten with potatoes into a foam. This was a fun non-touristy stop.
Restaurace Mlejnice is a restaurant that was highly ranked amongst many sites. We ate here on our final night and wished we had gone there sooner. It serves many classic Czech cuisines and each dish that we tried came bursting with flavor. The hearty beer goulash with beef stuffed inside of bread bun was mouthwateringly good. I had never had a rustic dish like this. My mom tried pork knee roasted in black beer, horseradish, and mustard and raved about it as well. The portions are very large here, so arrive with empty stomachs.
After having too much red meat, I found Luka Lu. The restaurant is styled in a kitschy way and had so many unique dining spaces and the menu is meant to celebrate the dishes of the former Yugoslavia. We enjoyed some salads, calamari, salads, and risotto. The food reminded me of the simple cuisine of the Mediterranean and was a welcome change of pace.
U Parlamentu is a local watering hole with traditional Czech cuisine. It was located near the Vltava River. It was tourist-friendly with an English menu and very busy, but they take reservations via their Facebook page here. Out of curiosity, I ordered a menu item called beer cheese here. It turned out to be regular cheese with a shot of beer pour over it, at which point the waiter took a fork and mashed it up served with paprika, mustard, and onions. No, this was certainly not beer-infused cheese. I ordered the Traditional Czech plate with offered a little of everything served with dumplings, which I found out were a soft chewy bread – similar to Chinese Baozi 包子 texture but sliced like bread to mop up the sauces. I would recommend this spot to sample local Czech beers and to keep it to simple bar fare.
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